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Preservation and Regeneration of Carrickmacross Workhouse, Co. Monaghan: A Funding Appeal has been launched in Ireland and with the Irish diaspora overseas to save Carrickmacross Workhouse, built in 1841, and its Mass Famine Graves. We wish to return the 6-acre site and its two remaining buildings to community ownership, in order to protect them for future generations.

The Front Workhouse Building has already been restored into a Community Resource, Training & Heritage Centre (Not for Profit) by Farney Community Development Group Ltd.

All donations are greatly appreciated and can be made online via our website at

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Website: www.carrickmacrossworkhouse. com



Welcome to the website for the Monaghan Society of New York.

The Monaghan Men's Social and Benevolent Association, with and independent Women's Division,  was founded in 1891. Both groups, supporting each others  programs, finally united in the late 1940's. We were reenergized with the continuous arrival of emigrants, and by the 1930's, the society would see the largest influx of new members.

An 80-piece Fife and Drum Band that participated in the earliest parades was organized by James Boylan (1865-1935),  who also formed the Monaghan Gaelic Football Team. By 1938, the strains from the Monaghan War Pipe Band would become the official music as the fife faded away.

Our member, Charles Connolly (1872-1957),  was the St. Patrick's Grand Marshall in 1918 and began, The Irish Echo, in 1928. His newspaper still remains the voice of the Irish-American community.

We were honored in 2008 by The Monaghan County Museum in Ireland with the photographic exhibit, I Heard They Went to New York. It recreated how former members passed our culture and history to a new generation in their new land. Since the official Incorporation of The Monaghan Society was in 1912, we will celebrate our centennial in 2012 while always remaining proud proponents of our Irish history.

A little information about County Monaghan:
County Monaghan is a county in the Republic of Ireland.  It is one of the three counties situated in the province of Ulster without being in Northern Ireland.  The name comes from the Irish, derived from Muine Cheain meaning Land of the Little Hills.  This name refers to the density of drumlins in the area.  There are five towns in County Monaghan - Monaghan, Clones, Carrickmacross, Castleblayney and Ballybay.

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